The Agape Resource & Assistance Center in East Plano, TX helps women, moms and their children facing situational homelessness. With the help of case workers and counselors, women and children typically stay with Agape from 6 months to a year, during which they gain the skills, strength and stability for self sufficiency.

While it’s hard to believe that homelessness exists in an affluent area like Plano and Collin County, there are women and children who fall on hard times. Homelessness in Plano looks like staying on a friend’s couch due to an eviction, living in one’s car, or staying in extended stay hotels.

The Agape location in East Plano was intentionally chosen to be close to childcare and public transportation. Agape uses restored houses and repurposed office space for homes for the homeless, giving new life to the area…

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