Jericho Village

An Empowerment Initiative of Agape Resource & Assistance Center, Inc.

Wylie, Texas

Economically Attainable Housing

Our Approach

Jericho Village™ Housing is an innovative approach to creating life empowerment by aiding people with transitional housing, support services, sustainable income stream development and other resources to function in the greater community by helping to stabilize their lives, with the intent of them becoming self-sustaining adults.

Economically Attainable Housing


NOT government funded...


Economically attainable...



Specifically designed...


Individual buildings...

Helps all Villagers retain stability


Safety and security...


Household stability...

Everyone Deserves Safe, Economically Attainable Housing

“We are helping women come out of some of the most horrific life situations, to better their quality of life and eventually become self-sustaining adults.”

Janet Collinsworth

CEO, Agape Resource and Assistance Center

A HOUSING PLUS Empowerment Initiative

Structures and Amenities Include:

  • Nine 3- or 4-plex multi-family units
  • Onsite support services
  • Community Center & Garden
  • Playground
  • Outdoor gathering areas

Land Encompasses 2.5 Acres

Empowering Support Services

Counseling & Coaching

Provide solutions to get a person closer to the life they want to be living.


Offering high-quality child care to keep their children safe and healthy.


We understand that transportation plays an important part in economic growth.

Education Opportunities

Enabling individuals to acquire needed knowledge and certain skills.

Get In Touch

We welcome you to contact us for more information.
P.O. Box 861664,
Plano, TX 75086